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FORC – Force Energy Corp continues a three day move albeit with tenacious sellers unwilling to admit defeat. Buyers and sellers have struggled with each other everyday of the move up with buyers ending as the victor for the past two sessions. It appears the buyers will win out yet again today since FORC is trading up 13% going into the close on strong volume. Force Energy took a nose dive from a sideways trading range in the .18-.20 area for the past few months finding a recent bottom at .08 before bouncing into the current upward move. Average daily trading volume for the last three months has been only 232,235 shares traded with today’s volume in the last hour being 2.8 million shares traded. Long upper and lower shadows on the last three candlesticks in the chart reveal the struggle between buyers and sellers. Some of the selling pressure may be the result of investors caught in the recent downward spiral taking the opportunity to jump ship.

Force Energy Corp is a lithium based exploration company which is a hot sector within the markets presently. The company did have news released on the news wires today with Rimini Investments updating their coverage of FORC because of the recent interest in stocks within the lithium sector. Last Friday the company announced Force Energy was now listed in Standard and Poor’s  Corporation Records Listing Program.

KRMC -Kurrant Mobile Catering, Inc exploded out of the gate this morning with massive volume way above the average daily volume of 373,797. Total shares traded today with two hours left to the close are a whopping 28 million shares! The stock closed Friday around .05 opening today at .055 and printed a intraday high of .104 so far. Currently the stock has pulled back slightly to .091, a gain of 68% for the day so far. We’re not sure what has caused today’s move as we have yet to locate any news on the wires related to KRMC. Whatever the case, the stock is on the radars of momentum traders. The stock has a 52 week high of .104 which was reached today and a 52 week low of .04 which was recently reached last month.


Why Do People Trade Penny Stocks?

Do you know the number one reason people trade penny stocks? They have the potential for MASSIVE GAINS which does not exist anywhere else in the financial markets. Everyday within the penny stock market there are individual stocks that double and triple in share price, in some cases even more. Finding these hot penny stocks for our subscribers is what we do. No doubt there are risks involved with penny stocks as there are with any form of trading or investing. By learning to understand market dynamics and the nature of the penny stock market as we do, the possibility for greater rewards increase substantially. You may be new to the stock markets and have never heard of penny stocks or a seasoned investor with experience in the financial markets but have never looked into the possibility of penny stocks. The first question you may be asking yourself is why do penny stocks possess such explosive potential?

Penny Stocks and Their Explosive Power

Large cap stocks seldom have the ability to double or triple within a short period of time, if at all. Hot penny stocks can make 1000% increases in a couple of days or even one day! Why…? It is far much easier for a penny stock trading at five cents to double to ten cents than it is for a stock trading at $20 to increase it’s share price to $40. Thousands of penny stock traders and investors understand the MASSIVE GAINS that can be had by building a list of penny stocks that would otherwise not be obtainable by trading only large cap stocks.

Trading the penny stock market does have its risks and careful consideration should be given to your approach to this highly volatile market. Experienced penny stock traders understand the importance of sound money management and stick to their trading system. They don’t trade with “scared money” and neither should you.

Penny Stock Picks and Using Newsletters

Many traders utilize stock newsletters, like ours, to help them find penny stock picks to eliminate the hours of research they would otherwise have to do in order to find hot penny stocks on the move. We scan thousands of stocks looking for those which have the potential to become the next big winner for our subscribers. Most of our subscribers started out as new traders and investors with little experience in penny stocks, opened a trading account, funded it with a small amount, used common sense along with our guidance and have since become successful and profitable. YOU can too!

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Our hot penny stock newsletter is free when you sign up for our email alerts. Everyday we send out email alerts to our subscribers with hot penny stock picks from our professional staff. We look for stocks with the momentum to move to the next level and is the number one reason why momentum players love our email alerts. By signing up for our free email alerts, you too can ride the wave of momentum of hot penny stocks!

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