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Entries tagged with “hot penny stocks”.

IDSM – Industrial Minerals is bouncing today after seemingly finding support after a strong downward move. The stock has moved up 25% in today’s trading on double the daily average volume going into the last hour before the closing bell. IDSM reached support in the .04 area and has rebounded nicely in what may be an attempt to reach the recent highs of Feb. and March. The 52 week high is .10 with average three month daily trading volume of 475,319 shares. No real news as been released from the company other than normal filing requirements. Today’s action is probably only a bounce play s the result of smart traders waiting for established support to be reached before taking positions after the latest pull back from the highs.

BONZ – Bonanza Goldfields Corp. is up 47% with less than two hours in today’s trading session on extremely high volume. BONZ has caught the eye of momentum traders with more continuing to pile on the buy side as the market moves toward the closing bell. Since the beginning of May the company as released an abundance of news which is driving the upward move Opening below the .01 mark today the stock has printed and intraday high of .013 on over 13 million shares traded. The three month daily average is only 67,000 shares which shows how things have quickly changed for BONZ. News announcements have been released from the company four times since May 4, which has turned today’s trading into a “Bonanza” for penny stock traders. Given the amount of news recently and trader interest, penny stock traders would do well to keep BONZ on their watclist of hot penny stocks.

KRMC -Kurrant Mobile Catering, Inc exploded out of the gate this morning with massive volume way above the average daily volume of 373,797. Total shares traded today with two hours left to the close are a whopping 28 million shares! The stock closed Friday around .05 opening today at .055 and printed a intraday high of .104 so far. Currently the stock has pulled back slightly to .091, a gain of 68% for the day so far. We’re not sure what has caused today’s move as we have yet to locate any news on the wires related to KRMC. Whatever the case, the stock is on the radars of momentum traders. The stock has a 52 week high of .104 which was reached today and a 52 week low of .04 which was recently reached last month.