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Penny Stocks Moverz

BONZ – Bonanza Goldfields Corp. is up 47% with less than two hours in today’s trading session on extremely high volume. BONZ has caught the eye of momentum traders with more continuing to pile on the buy side as the market moves toward the closing bell. Since the beginning of May the company as released an abundance of news which is driving the upward move Opening below the .01 mark today the stock has printed and intraday high of .013 on over 13 million shares traded. The three month daily average is only 67,000 shares which shows how things have quickly changed for BONZ. News announcements have been released from the company four times since May 4, which has turned today’s trading into a “Bonanza” for penny stock traders. Given the amount of news recently and trader interest, penny stock traders would do well to keep BONZ on their watclist of hot penny stocks.

XDSL -Mphase Technologies posted a big gain today up 41% trading over 13.5 million shares. XDSL opened today’s session at .0059 never looking back closing at the high of .0079. Mphase has been in a sustained downtrend for the better part of the last year before reaching 52 week low of .0032 last month. Since the 52 week low was put in, the stock has traded marginally upward everyday until the explosive move today. Traders appear to have anticipated the stock was gaining momentum and jumped on board giving the XDSL it’s best day in the past year. Penny stock traders should continue to watch XDSL for possible further upside moves. Mphase is a tech company within the nanotechnology sector.

DUCP – Daulton Capital Corp has put together an impressive move over the last month making over a 100% gain as of today’s close. After trading sideways for most of the year coming down from the 52 week high of .53, DUCP found old support from last year in the .08-.10 area. The stock started showing signs of life in early April and has sustained steady gains for the entire month of April with only two days out of the month showing any significant down days. DUCP did release news this morning in pre-market announcing the company has acquired 750,000 hectacres in gold rich Papau, New Guinea in a strategic partnership with South Pacific Connection Limited.¬†Other than filings and financial reports, the company has not released any other news this year.

DUCP closed last Friday at .25 and opened today with a small gap up at .30, pulled back and printed the low for the session at .27 before buyers quickly came in an pushed the stock up to the intraday high of .34 as of 15 minutes before the closing bell. The three month daily average volume is 50,766 with today’s volume on the news at over 2.1 million shares traded. Momentum traders should keep DUCP on their watch list as possible trend continuation trade as momentum in the stock may continue to push the stock higher based on the upward trend and recent news.

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