FORC – Force Energy Corp continues a three day move albeit with tenacious sellers unwilling to admit defeat. Buyers and sellers have struggled with each other everyday of the move up with buyers ending as the victor for the past two sessions. It appears the buyers will win out yet again today since FORC is trading up 13% going into the close on strong volume. Force Energy took a nose dive from a sideways trading range in the .18-.20 area for the past few months finding a recent bottom at .08 before bouncing into the current upward move. Average daily trading volume for the last three months has been only 232,235 shares traded with today’s volume in the last hour being 2.8 million shares traded. Long upper and lower shadows on the last three candlesticks in the chart reveal the struggle between buyers and sellers. Some of the selling pressure may be the result of investors caught in the recent downward spiral taking the opportunity to jump ship.

Force Energy Corp is a lithium based exploration company which is a hot sector within the markets presently. The company did have news released on the news wires today with Rimini Investments updating their coverage of FORC because of the recent interest in stocks within the lithium sector. Last Friday the company announced Force Energy was now listed in Standard and Poor’s  Corporation Records Listing Program.