SFRX – Seafarer Exploration has emerged from oblivion today as one of the biggest gainers on the OTC in Friday’s trading. What prompted the move is anyone’s guess but the stock is up over 80% in the last hour of trading. SFRX is a underwater salvage and exploration company specializing in recovering cargo from sunken ships from antiquity. In an attempt to explain the extreme increase in the company share price today, we have scoured the news wires and the company website looking for some indication to justify the move up which has yielded no results. The website does say they are waiting  for a permit to be renewed with the state of Florida to continue exploration operations off of Juno Beach, Florida of what they believe to be a sunken Spanish galleon.

Whatever the case, SFRX made a move today and should be on your radar. Part of being successful as a penny stock trader is the ability to spot sleeper stocks once they wake up. A continued move may or may not occur in the coming days only time will tell but it can’t hurt to watch the stock to see if the move today is a front run on pending news as we have all seen happen or just a flash in the pan.